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Valera hairdryers

Valera hairdryers

Professional hair dryers for hotels





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Textiles for hotels, terry products, towels for hotels and towels with the logo, bed linen for hotels

Bedclothes Slots

Bedclothes Slots

Weaving mill SLOTS - manufacturer of high quality textile products, various types and colors, for hotels, resorts and restaurants was founded in 1990. the south-west of Flanders, in the heart of the Belgian textile industry.

The main feature of a textile factory SLOTS-correct choice of raw materials and high standard of quality textile products.

Linen is made from natural Egyptian cotton, which gives the fabric high strength and increases its service life. Your linens made ??of natural cotton or linen fiber will look perfect, even after repeated washings.

"Bedclothes SLOTS will contribute to a comfortable sleep for your guests ..."

Fabric for bedding is produced from combed cotton yarn of combed cotton or polyester with the addition.
strong, durable fabric;
Any size and design;

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