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Valera hairdryers

Valera hairdryers

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Blankets for hotels

Blankets for hotels

  • Артикул : Hanse Textile blanket

Blankets with natural filler - an indispensable element in the high-end hotels around the world, because guests have come to expect the same comfort in a hotel room, as we have at home .  For hotels, we offer a simple type of blankets (SIMPLE BOX TYPE). This is a light blanket in a soft carrying case made of natural cotton and quilted in small squares on the entire surface. This design does not allow blanket fluff to break through the fabric, or woolly.

The frequency of Quilting on the blanket depends on the size and weight of the filler.

Possible to manufacture blankets of any size with any percentage of fluff (the higher the content of fluff, the softer the quilt).

«Hanse Textile» »manufactures bedding, taking into account the climatic features of your area, based on the individual customer's wishes.

For those who prefer a synthetic filler, «Hanse Textile» manufactures, such as convenient, comfortable bedding, as well as with natural fillers.

One of the best alternatives to a natural filler for quilts is a collection of COMFOREL (brand DuPont), where the filler consists of millions of small spherical and soft fibers.

Blankets DuPont Komforel filled with synthetic balls are soft and easy, hypoallergenic, does not attract dust and perfectly retain their shape over a long period of operation at regular washings. The outer fabric cover of the product does not allow the filler to break out.

    * Pouch/ Exterior fabric: 100% cotton.
    * Color: Black with white edging  or cream (optional).
    * Filling: spherical fiber COMFOREL, 100% Dacron.

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